Awaji Art Circus 2017 Chronicle Book

We would like to present you the chronicle book of Awaji Art Circus 2017.
This chronicle book is mainly about activities of Awaji Art Circus 2017, but you can also find some information and photos from 2015 and 2016.
Awaji Art Circus BOOK is written in both Japanese and English, and you can download PDF version from the link below.
If you would like to receive a copy of the book, please write us an email to, and we will send you (only to addresses in Japan). Please enjoy reading!


30/9/2017(Sat) - 5/11/2017(Sun) 
12:00~16:00 / 17:30~19:30
※Tuesdays and Wednesdays are holidays
★30/9/2017(Sat) Opening Ceremony@Craft Circus
★1/10/2017(Sun) ~6/10/2017(Fri) Preliminary Events @Kansai International Airport, Kobe Harborland, Sannomiya station
Awaji Art Circus Executive Committee
Pasona Group Inc.
20 various spots in Awaji Island
Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Hanasajiki, Nojima Scuola, Awaji Yumebutai, Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park, Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park, Craft Circus, Sumoto Citizens Park, Commode 56 Shopping Street/Rainbow Plaza, Awaji Farm Park England Hill, Roadside Station Fukura, Roadside Station Higashiura Terminal Park, Shopping Center Seapa, Mihara Center Park, Mihara Shopping Plaza Palty, Sea View Square, Uzunooka Onarutokyo Memorial Hall, Awaji Janohire Outdoor Resort, Minacoicoiya, Awaji Fureai Park
Performing Artists:
17 groups (31 people) from 17 countries
Nominal Support:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourism Organization, The Japan Foundation, Embassy of Mexico, Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Singapore, Embassy of India, Embassy of Romania, Embassy of Canada, Québec Government Office in Tokyo, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Hungary, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, Australian Embassy Tokyo, The South African Embassy in Japan, New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo, Kobe Shimbun, Sun TV, Radio Kansai, Kiss FM KOBE, Awaji City, Sumoto City, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education Awaji Education Office, Awaji City Board of Education, Sumoto City Board of Education, Minamiawaji City Board of Education, Awaji Island Kuniumi Association, Awaji Island Tourist Association, (※in no particular order)

● Received grant "Support of touristic places" from Hyogo Tourism Association
● Approved by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan
● Approved as a project of "beyond2020 program"
● Approved as a project of "Culture power from Kansai"
● Approved as "This is MECENAT 2017" by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan
Supporting Companies:
Pasona Group Inc.,  Awaji Kyosho Rikuun Co., Ltd.,  JA Awajishima / Minacoicoiya,  Naruto Chidori Honpo Inc.,  Awaji Shinkin Bank,  Honshi Kaikyou Bus Co., Ltd.,  Tokiwa Kougyou Co., Ltd.,  Kobe Harborland Co., Ltd.,  Fukimodoshinosato Co., Ltd.,  Kitasaka Chicken Farm,  PMC. Inc.,  Shozen Co., Ltd.,  Kunjudo Co., Ltd.,  Sumiyoshiya Co., Ltd.,  Danyo Shinyo Bank,  Primix Corporation,  Uzushio Co., Ltd.,  Takeharabussan Co., Ltd.,  Awaji Janohire Outdoor Resort,  Aiharabussan Co., Ltd.,  Awaji Bunkamura Kyogikai,  Grilled Octopus Shop Yamadaka,  Mune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,  Itami Sangyo Co., Ltd.,  Fuji Yoshida Oil Co., Ltd.,  Sunada Design Office,  Zenta Co., Ltd.,  Awaji Paper Center Co., Ltd.,  Yamashita Sasshi Toyo Jyuki Co., Ltd.,  Maruha Bussan Co., Ltd.,  Yoshida Architectural Design Office,  Awaji Beef Touge,  Awaji Island Taxi Union Dispatch Center,  Kansai Consultant Co., Ltd.,  Morikou Co., Ltd.,  Ohatatent,  Ikeda Nouzai Co., Ltd.,  Yumetonya Co., Ltd.,  Matoya Gakki,  Joyport Minamiawaji Inc.,  Kansai Giken Co., Ltd.,  Good People Co., Ltd.,  Collab Design,  Awaji International Hotel The Sunplaza,  NAKED Inc.,  SSE Co., Ltd.,  NAKATA CONSTRUCTION Inc.,  Takenaka Corporation,  Hotel New Awaji Group,  Uzunokuni Minamiawaji Co., Ltd.,  DAIKI AXIS CO., LTD.,  Mihara Shopping Plaza Palty,  Shopping Plaza SEAPA,  TSP TAIYO INC.,  Kawano Equipment Industry Corporation Co., Ltd.,  Oosaka Shiroguchi Co., Ltd.,  Awaji Chamber of Commerce,  Awaji Farm Park England Hill,  Golf and Art Resort Japan Co., Ltd.,  Awaji Kansai International Airport Line Co. Ltd.,  ASAHI BUILDING-WALL CO.,LTD.,  Awaji Tekko Co., Ltd.,  Kinden Inc.,  Nomura Kogeisha Co., Ltd.,  ASATSU-DK INC.,  Best Rental Co., Ltd.,  AEON Sumoto,  Bewith Inc.,  Pasona Okayama Co., Ltd.,  Pasona Career Inc.,  Pasona Furusato Incubation Inc.,  Artribbon Inc.,  Pasona Agri-partners Inc.,  Eco Love Inc.,  Pasona Panasonic Business Service Inc.,  KIS Co., Ltd.,  Benefit One Inc.,  Anime Egg Inc.,  CAPLAN Corporation,  Pasona Lifecare Inc.,  Pasona Marketing Inc.,  Pasona Foster Inc.,  Nihon Employment Creation Organization Inc.,  Pasona Tech Inc. (84 companies) *in no particular order


① Main performance program

 Since the main mission of the Festival is to promote Awaji Island, we generally perform at many performance venues island-wide, so that visitors can move from one location to the next and enjoy wonderful views and delicious local foods, as well as original artist performances.
 Awaji Island comprises the three cities of Awaji, Sumoto and Minamiawaji and to promote the whole island, the Awaji Art Circus performers give shows in all three cities at a range of venues. There were two working spots in every city (six in total) on a daily basis and five performance days per week (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
 To create an opportunity for tourists to visit more performance venues in a day and enjoy more shows, performances were given in two time slots, firstly from noon to 2pm and secondly from 2pm till 4pm. Two or three groups of artists performed at every spot, giving two stages, each with a performance program lasting 20-30 minutes.

② Special program - Meeting South Awaji

 This year, we wanted to focus on the beauty and originality of southern Awaji Island, namely Minamiawaji City, so we created a special program including nine events in spots of particular interest within this area.
 The aim of this program was not to present the Festival audience with touristic spots but local areas of scenic beauty in the southern part of the island, as well as invigorating the places and local people with new art and energy.
 Some fascinating collaboration between artists dedicated for these events ensued. For example, for the Nushima Island event, Mau Aguilar (from Mexico) and Lee van der Merwe (South Africa) prepared an original ballet based on the legend relating the creation of Japan by Izanagi and Izanami. It was special for us to visit Nushima Island, considered to be the original birthplace of Japan and share international art with the local people.

List of events of this program:
・Oct 7 (SAT) Sea View Square (1507-2 Anaga, Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 9 (MON) Shopping Center Seapa (110 Minato, Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 13 (FRI) Mihara Central park (549-1 Ichifukunaga, Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 14 (SAT) Nushima Fishing Port (2368-1 Nushima, Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 20 (FRI) Mihara Shopping Plaza Palty (150 Shiengyoji Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 27 (FRI) Awaji Fureai Park (1473-12 Hirota Hirota, Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 28 (SAT) Minacoicoiya (1408 Yagiyougikami, Minamiawaji City)
・Oct 29 (SUN) Uzunooka Onarutokyo Memorial Hall (936−3 Fukurahei, Minamiawaji City)
・Nov 4 (SAT) Fureai Kawara Stage (970-81 Matsuhokotsuro, Minamiawaji City)
 *was canceled because of the weather conditions

③ Subordinate program

As well as the main performances unfolding at a range of venues island-wide, Awaji Art Circus artists also take part in other local events and visit hotels to present their original shows. After watching the performances, local people and tourists enjoyed the chance for in-person dialog with the international artists.

Local Events

Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Festival
Date: Oct 1(Sun)
Venue: Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park
Artists: Foolosophy (Romania, Hungary, Serbia)

Lohas Festa Awajishima 2017
Date: Oct 7(Sat), Oct 8(Sun), Oct 9(Mon)
Venue; Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park
Artists: The Tapi Project (India), Emmanuel Laryea (Ghana), Circus Zambia (Zambia)

Halloween Party
Date: Oct 28(Sat)
Venue: Awaji Janohire Outdoor Resort.
Artists: Foolosophy (Romania, Hungary, Serbia), Emmanuel Laryea (Ghana)

Events outside Awaji Island

Rokko Meets Art 2017
Date: Oct. 8 (Sat)
Venue: Mt. Rokkosan(Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden、Rokkosan Country House)
Artists: Foolosophy (Romania, Hungary, Serbia), Jivinotecarii (Romania)

Tango Kingdom Craft Beer Festa 2017
Date: Oct. 15 (Sun)
Venue: Tango Kingdom “Shoku-no-Miyako”
Artists: Emmanuel Laryea (Ghana), Sri Warisan (Singapore)

④ International Cultural Exchange Program

School Visits

Oct. 9 (Mon.), Oct. 19 (Thu), Oct. 26 (Thu), Oct. 27 (Fri), Oct. 30 (Mon)
AIE International High School, Minamiawaji Seidan Junior High School, Minamiawaji Seidanshichi Elementary School, Awaji Taga Elementary School, Awaji Ikuha Elementary School
Trinity Lace, Circus Zambia
600 students
 One of the popular highlights of this year’s Awaji Art Circus was the school visit performance, which featured some of the global artists visiting the local elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools on Awaji Island for international exchange and cultural education. This year, 2017, the scope went beyond sample performances alone and included the artists giving presentations about their home countries (in English, with interpretation). We also organized a workshop program, which meant students could experience performances together, as an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the art form and broaden their horizons by experiencing the global culture more closely.
 The smiles of the children stood out as they expressed their surprise at experiencing this foreign culture for the first time, so different to Japan. The teachers also commented that the students had rarely seemed so animated and lively. It was a precious opportunity for all parties to express themselves and be inspired from the exposure to foreign cultures and English.

Circus Workshop

November 3 (Fri)
Nojima Sport Center (843 Nojima Hikinoura, Awaji City)
Emmanuel Laryea (Ghana), Mau Aguilar(Mexico), Skye Gellmann(Australia)
30 people
 To round off the Festival, we conducted a unique Circus Workshop for those who wanted not only to see but also to experience the circus world, learn some circus skills and enjoy an energetic atmosphere with foreign artists.
 The Circus Workshop program comprised several parts - stretching, acrobatics, making juggling balls, juggling and African dances. People of all ages - children and their parents - participated in this funny educational process; learning not only circus techniques but also simple English words in the process. Everyone enjoyed this new physical challenge and made new memories that were much deeper and more meaningful than if they had just remained watching in the audience.

Special Collaboration Project

 This year, we decided to give students from Awaji Island schools the chance not only to observe the artists’performances but also to experience some musical exchange with them. Given how rare it is for such foreign artists to visit the island, we wanted to use this opportunity to convey new experiences and help students develop their skills. To enliven this collaboration and make it more interesting, we chose three local schools with students of different ages and playing different musical instruments: a Japanese drum group from Minamiawaji Miharashichi Elementary School, a brass band from Sumoto Seiun Junior High School and a guitar·mandolin group from Hyogo Prefectural Tsuna High School). It was then decided that the Closing Ceremony of the Awaji Art Circus would be the venue for showcasing this international collaboration.
 Every school chose a 15-minute repertoire for the collaboration, for which we picked artists who were best suited to each component of the program. At first, the artists rehearsed by themselves and prepared unique performances, before then visiting schools for joint rehearsals with students. During these rehearsals, students had a unique opportunity to communicate with the artists: observing their shows, participating in workshops, playing music together and taking pictures.
 Unfortunately, the Closing Ceremony – the recital for this big collaboration project – was canceled due to unavoidable circumstances but we hope to revitalize and rebound with this project next year.

⑤ Program for artists

Cultural Program

 As far as the aim of the Awaji Art Circus is to help revitalize Awaji Island, participating artists come to Awaji not only to perform at different locations, but also to learn about and experience the local appeal and culture and then spread the word about the island worldwide. That’s why we prepared various touristic and cultural programs for them during the downtime of the Festival.
 We took the artists around the island and showed them the key Awaji venues, including the historical and meaningful Izanagi Shrine, the magnificent Honpukuji Water Temple designed by architect Tadao Ando, the marvelous Naruto whirlpools and beautiful views from the roof of Wakodo-no Hiroba (Minamiawaji City).
 To help the artists get a better idea of Japanese culture and experience local traditions, we organized several workshops, such as Japanese drums, fukimodoshi – party horn making, Japanese paper-making, incense-making, Awaji puppets, traditional Japanese dances and Awa dances and traditional tea ceremony etc.

Artists sharing about Awaji Island experience

 Since the artists of the Awaji Art Circus are also ambassadors for Awaji Island, their mission included spreading information about the island via social media. Artists posted in their own languages and English daily about the performance venues, what happened to them during the day, nice local people, wonderful views of Awaji, interesting things and unusual experiences etc. Their friends and followers then checked those posts, liked them, commented and helped convey news of Awaji Island worldwide in the process.



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