This year we received 325 applications (from a total of 600 people) from 68 countries and regions. Of this total, only 17 groups (31 people) from 17 countries were selected to participate in the Awaji Art Circus 2017!
Please check these wonderful artists and enjoy them performing at various locations on Awaji Island.



Street Theatre, Juggling, Stilts

Romania, Hungary, Serbia
 Foolosophy presented "A Circus Fable", a multidisciplinary act created especially for Awaji Art Circus. This performance was inspired by the pastoral stories of the Balkans and features a range of circus skills and original props.
 The evening events saw them showcase another special act as stilt walkers in luminous, colorful costumes that they themselves designed and handcrafted. Foolosophy spread smiles among audience members of all ages with their bubbly energy and original performances!

Circus Zambia

Acrobatics and Physical Theatre

Circus Zambia took the audience on a journey to rediscover the beauty of home and used breathtaking acrobatics, rhythmic acro-dance and crazy juggling tricks to tell a personal story. Raised in Chibolya, a ghetto in the capital of Zambia, the performers shared how they explored and traveled the world through circus. Along the way, they discovered that no matter where you go, your home stays in your heart. The performance encouraged viewers to embrace their roots and consider how they can all make their community a better place.

Mau Aguilar

Hand-Balancing Show

Mau Aguilar is an artist who can fly like a bird. His circus act centers on hand balancing, with movements full of power; exemplifying the strength and capability of the human body. While watching his performance, the audience also had the feeling of being transported to another world where everything is possible. Mau Aguilar thinks that we all share a special power: imagination. The audience joined the artists in collectively exploring the new and magical world of hand balancing!

Emmanuel Laryea

Dish-Spinning Circus

Emmanuel Laryea, who hails from Ghana, West Africa, enjoys turning everyday domestic appliances into joyous acts. The dishes he uses in the performance are still used for washing clothes and fetching water in most parts of Africa. With amazing skills and colorful costumes, all set to West African music, he surprised the audience of the Festival. Acts never seen before included balancing ten dishes, umbrellas and traditional dance and acrobatics and have been refined over 20 years.

Skye Gellmann

Contemporary Circus

Using his incredible circus skills and contemporary movement, Australian artist Skye Gellmann forges a unique interplay between the body, architecture and nature. Working directly with the local environment, his performance ‘Third Space’ combined the structures of Awaji Island with bold insights into acrobatics and balance. A focused and minimalist experience, the work drew the audience’s attention to the subtle realities of public space and wove new relationships between the artist, the audience and their surroundings.

Anwesa Mahanta

Traditional Indian Dance

Sattriya Dance is one of the finest classical dance styles from the Assam region of India and an offshoot of the Bhakti (Intense Devotion) Movement in Assam during the 15th to 17th centuries. It includes a large repertoire enriched by oral grammar and painstaking precision in terms of the melodic and rhythmic structure, aesthetics, footwork and histrionic artistry. Anwesa Mahanta presented several exquisite excerpts from the Sattriya Dance repertoire based on various stories of Hindu Mythology in her presentations.


World Modern Dance Fusion

France, Bolivia
MariA is an international choreographer and presents herself as a nomad. Indeed, with French and Bolivian origins, she took her first plane at the age of two weeks; flying to Iran. Since then, her life has been non-stop travel: the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Europe and lately Asia. MariA naturally proposed travel around the world. From Spanish Flamenco, Argentinian Malambo to Gypsy and Arabian cultures, number she presented was an extract of her one hour solo creation “am”, presented in stages and festivals in Europe.

Trinity Lace

Irish Folk Dance

Ireland, New Zealand
Trinity Lace is a female Irish dance duo. Nerissa Shea and Ciara Faber have both been competing and performing in Irish dance since they were toddlers. They formed Trinity Lace to provide a modern and edgy twist on their art and give the audience something completely different to the other Irish Dance shows around. With a mixture of heart-stopping rhythm, pounding beats and modern movements, Trinity Lace showed the audience the deep and powerful culture of Irish dance.

Lee van der Merwe

Traditional and Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre

South Africa
Lee van der Merwe, a South African dancer, actor, vocalist, choreographer and writer, performed a solo compilation of contemporary dance, theatre and music. This piece gives viewers a taste of the current South African dance theatre environment: a hybrid of cultures, traditions and ethnic influences. This ‘mixed’ theatre style is a product of the “Rainbow Nation” in which it is created: healing from a violent and segregated past by growing and learning together. The performance piece was inspired by the strength and beauty of the many different women of South Africa.


Original Music and Songs

Shalu is a Zambian singer/songwriter and guitarist who graces the stage with a powerful, soulful voice and a unique guitar playing style. His performances included his own music as well as some covers of popular Zambian songs. Most of his music is sung in the melodic Zambian language called Nyanja. The song lyrics are inspired by life experiences, love and peace. Shalu takes his audiences on a journey back to his native country of Zambia, to share the joy and sadness with him and live life more brightly.

The Tapi Project

Contemporary Folk Music

The Tapi Project is an Indian contemporary folk band playing music that encompasses elements of Folk, World, Fusion and Jazz and features contemporary arrangements, poetry and folk instruments; uniting diverse influences and creating an original mix. The song lyrics tell stories of common people there while the music ranges from Indian folk to jazz. The audience can feel and enjoy urban, suburban and rural India in jazz and folk vocals and lyrics as well as the unmistakable guitar sound.


Romanian Folk Music, Indie

Jivinotecarii spreads Romanian love, thoughts, history and feelings through the power of delightful music and art itself. Selecting some of the most popular folklore songs and adding a personal touch of street music and interactive rhythms, Jivinotecarii aims to engage the audience into cultural exchange and help them experience both old and modern Romania. Jivinotecarii guided the audience on a feeric tour of the Romanian nation, as seen through the eyes and minds of two youngsters keen on spreading creativity and love.


World Ethnic Music

Russia, Ukraine, Romania
3 girls from different art groups and countries fell in love with beautiful Awaji island and moved there in April 2017. They formed a new performing unit named Korari, meaning "corals" in Russian. The members are vocalist Anna from Ukraine, percussionist Manuela from Romania and dancer, singer and percussionist Elena from Russia. They perform within and outside Awaji island; bringing music and energy to Japanese people. The audience listened to their marvelous Ukrainian, Romanian and Russian songs and felt as if they were going on a round-the-world journey.

Jack Cantina Show

Street Music and Theatre

Their show was a light and deep story conveying the essence of Italy through its popular music, myths and dances and seeking intercultural contact between theatre and music. Two performers reflected musical roots from different lands and created new and contemporary songs as part of an ironic and rhythmic performance. A metal guitar reflecting the sun, the rhythm of the kick drum, shaker on foot, a Blues harp and two powerful voices... A moving and funny show to enjoy art, peace and human connections.

Mirror Crew

Living Mirror Statues

Mirror Crew prepared a performance of two living statues wearing unique and futuristic costumes that are bound to draw your attention! Their bodies were covered with hundreds of reflective mirrors, which come together in a dazzling dance as the artists created a symphonic show of movement, light, color and magic. They reflected everything around them: nature, people, colors, lights; paving the way for the audience to view reality in a totally different and other-worldly way.

Sri Warisan

Traditional Music, Dance, Puppetry

This was an interactive multi-ethnic performance by three performing artists from Singapore, which blended together dance, music and puppet theatre. Sri Warisan recounted tales of Singapore’s major ethnic groups, including Malays, Chinese and Indians. They also exposed their audiences to a world of music playing Angklung, a traditional bamboo instrument and singing in Malay, Chinese and Tamil. They danced the Joget (fast Malay dance) and other traditional dances and showed traditional stories with puppet theatre.

RIDNI animation

Anime Creation Workshop

RIDNI Animation introduced visitors of all ages to the exciting world of anime creation! Anime workshop participants made their own animated films lasting a few seconds on the spot using nearby objects and creating their own characters. What fascinated the participants in particular was the chance to view fresh anime right after making it as well as receive a copy of it later! It was a really unforgettable new experience of anime-making for all concerned!


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