About Awaji Art Circus

Awaji Art Circus (AAC) is an international performing arts festival held annually since 2015 which is based in Awaji Island, considered as the Island of Japan’s Origin. Artists gather on Awaji Island from around the world and perform for about one month at multiple venues on the island. Visitors from within and outside of Awaji Island tour the venues and appreciate the performance while enjoying communication with international artists. As for the artists, they not only perform at the venues, but also enjoy the history and nature of Awaji Island, experience its traditional culture and share the appeal of Awaji Island and Japan with the world.

Awaji Island, the venue of AAC, is located in Hyogo Prefecture and is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and tasty food. However in recent years, the island faces serious issues such as population outflow as well as decreasing birthrate and aging population.Thus, AAC has three distinct missions:

  • ・One is to bring about increase in population flow and local economic consumption leading to regional vitalization whilst utilizing local resources.
  • ・The other is to let the world know the appeals of Awaji Island and more broadly Japan. AAC aims to become a new local tourism attraction and attract people from within and outside of Awaji Island.
  • ・Last but not least is to develop art and culture on Awaji Island and to create a chance for Japanese people to get to know international art of different genres.
Awaji Art Circus
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