Guide to fully enjoy Awaji Island!

We prepared for you a list of must-visit-places so you can have unforgetable day at Awaji Island. We hope to give you a peak into some of the best places in Awaji so you can fully enjoy Awaji Art Circus and Awaji Island.

Awaji Island is 40km long and 20km wide and is located between main islands of Honshu and Shikoku. Being the birthplace of Japan, Awaji Island has a long history and therefore many tourist destinations. From Akashi Strait on the North to Naruto Strait on the South there are many historical, cultural, gastro, leisure and fun places to visit. Please come to enjoy Awaji Art Circus and experience all charms of Awaji Island.
You can download Enjoy Awaji Map from HERE

1. Hayashiya
Highly recommended if you wish to eat fresh seafood of Awaji Island as sushi! Sushi using fresh sea produce of the day is very popular, and reservation seems a must.

Address:1168 Iwaya, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:11:30~14:30 16:30~20:00
Holiday:Monday and Thursday
2. Roadside Station Awaji
Perfect view point where Akashi Kaikyo Bridge can be seen closeup! You can enjoy shopping fresh local farm produce and fish as well as eat at restaurant utilizing local ingredients.

Address:1873-1 Iwaya, Awaji, Hyogo
3. Eshima Island
When the two Gods of Taiko Izanagi and Izanami were creating Japan, Onokoro Island was the first to be created and is said to represent Awaji Island, yet another theory suggests it is actually this Eshima.This Eshima born of nature blends amazingly with surrounding mountain and waters, and the mystic nightview especially attracts many people as "lighted stage afloat the sea". Why not sit at the bench and enjoy the oceanview at the oldest island in Japan?

Address:884-4 Iwaya Awaji, Hyogo
4. Awaji Highway Oasis
Connected to first Service Area (Awaji SA) upon crossing Akashi Kaikyo Bridge by car, here you can see "flower valley" full of seasonal flowers! At the main building and annex we have restaurant, gift shop etc.

Address:2674-3 Ohayashi, Iwaya, Awaji, Hyogo
5. Awaji Island Pref. Park
View square where you can enjoy amazing view of Harimanada to Osaka Bay! we also have family-friendly athletic and water playgrounds.

Address:2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji, Hyogo
6. Awaji island Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park
Park where various flowers can be seen throughout the seasons. Spring tulips in particular are top level in the Kansai area! Abundant in colorful view spots as well as children's playgrounds such as Japan's max-scale complex playground equipment and wide grass square.

Address:Address: 8-10 Yumebutai, Awaji, Hyogo
7. Awaji Yumebutai
The contrast between a range of facilities designed by Tadao Ando such as international conference hall, hotel, restaurant, shops .and park full of flowers and green is appealing.

Address:2 Yumebutai, Awaji, Hyogo
8. Awaji Yumebutai Greenhouse
Japan's largest scale plant museum. Healing space with the appeals of not only rare species of plants but also flower show displaying world flower culture and stylish gardening idea.

Address:4 Yumebutai, Awaji, Hyogo
9. Art-yama Museum
Paradise 64 meters above sea level. Museum with mankind, nature and art in harmony. Big wooden table utilizing 2000 years old tree awaits you.

Address:2159 Kusumoto, Awaji, Hyogo
10. Hompukuji Temple
The world-renowned architect Tadao Ando designed water Temple Hompukuji. Temple is consisted of above the ground lotus pond and below ground sanctuary. The effect is dramatic transition from the outside mundane world to the solemn, inner one, below the ground.

Address:1309-1 Ura, Awaji, Hyogo
11. Wataribune
You just need to come once to become big fan of this seafood restaurant. You can enjoy various seafood dishes, but absolute star dish of this restaurant is definitely shirasu-don (raw whitebait rice bowl). Shirazu-don is so popular that during whitebait season people are waiting in line to get it.

Address:112 Kusumoto, Awaji, Hyoo
Working hours:10:00~14:00
12. "Higashiura Terminal Park" Road Station
Awaji City Nakahama Minoru's Cat Art Museum
Awaji City Pottery Museum
Higashiura Souvenir Hall
Terminal for route bus and expressway bus with produce stand and souvenir hall, surrounded by Cat Art Museum and Pottery Museum. Plenty to do.

Address:648 Ura, Awaji, Hyogo
13. Higashiura Sun Park Hana no Yu Hot Springs
Excellent sanatorium spa from the underground waters 1,300 meters below with same composition as Ryujin Hot Spring of Wakayama Prefecture known as the top three hot waters of beauty.

Address:2743 Kuruma, Awaji, Hyogo
14. Fukimodoshi no Sato(Village of Party horns)
Visit to party horn manufacture factory and party horn making experience. Hold it in your mouth and blow air... and it will unrolls then rolls again.

Address:333-1 Kouchi, Awaji, Hyogo
15. Shizuka no Sato Park
Shizuka Gozen, known as a great dancer and famous for romance with Minamoto No Yoshisune, is said to have died at the young age of 47 in the land of Shizuki. Many visit the mausoleum of Shizuka Gozen and Yoshitsune which is regarded as having divine favor in good match, easy and safe delivery of a child, and arts mastery.

Address:795-1 Shizuki, Awaji, Hyogo
16. Hachijoji Temple
Hachijo-ji Temple is the head temple of Awaji-shima Shichifuku Jinreijyo (Awaji Island Seven Lucky Gods Sacred Site). Hachijoji Temple will bring peace to your mind and body. Daikokuten, the god of wealth is worshiped at this temple.

Address:834 Sano, Awaji, Hyogo
17. Tako Sembei no Sato
Factory visit and Senbei (Japanese rice crackers) direct sales store. Enjoy viewing the production of Awaji Island specialty "Octopus Sembei"! Various Sembei tasting and free coffee available.

Address:4155-1 Nakada, Awaji, Hyogo
18. Awaji World Park Onokoro
A miniature world duplicating famous buildings worldwide in 1/25 of its original size... a forest of fairy tales recreating scenes from international fairy tales... also we have a hands-on class where you an experience incense making. In front of the gates is a market fresh from the farm.

Address:8-5 Shiotaniijima, Awaji, Hyogo
19. Commode 56 Shopping / Street Rainbow Plaza
Nice shopping street at the center of Sumoto City with itshistory and warm atmosphere.

Address:5-2-20 Honcho, Sumoto City, Hyogo
20. Sumoto Citizens Park
Park in the center of Sumoto City.

Address:Shioya, Sumoto, Hyogo.
21. Awaji Feast Museum Miketsukuni
Renovated a brick building at the heart of Sumoto City (formerly Kanebo factory site) into a restaurant for locals and Awaji Island visitors to enjoy sea and mountain produce of Awaji Island.

Address:1-1-8 Shioya, Sumoto, Hyogo
Working hours:10:00~20:00
22. Sumoto Onsen Footbath
Sumoto Hot Springs is located on the eastern coast of the island, at the bottom of the Mikuma Mountain. Here, you get to fully enjoy an onsen experience overlooking beautiful straits of Awaji, as well as marine sports and fresh seafood.

Address:2-806-1 Yamate, Sumoto, Hyogo
23. Mikuma Mountain and Sumoto Castle
Mt. Mikuma is a small hill overlooking the coastal resort town of Sumoto. The small elevation change and outstanding panoramic views make it the perfect afternoon stroll.

Address:1272-2 Orodani, Sumoto, Hyogo
24. Sumoto Onsen Ryokan Street
You can find 11 wodrerful hot spring hotel in this area.

Address:Orodani area, Sumoto, Hyogo
25. Ayuya Falls
One and only waterfall in Awaji Island, 14.5 meters high across Aiya River. Beautiful and grand with summer season of fresh greenery and change of colors in the autumn leaves. You can get close to the waterfall with the promenade. Fireflies can be seen in early summer.

Address:334-2 Aiya, Sumoto, Hyogo
26. Niijima Suisan
This is the place to go if you want to eat seafood in Awaji Island! You can enjoy sashimi, shellfish such as Awabi in Isobeyaki style (grilled with seafood), sea urchin rice ball using abundant sea urchin, seafood pot...

Address:2581 Yuracho, Yura, Sumoto, Hyogo
Working hours:11:00~14:30
27. Kakujuji Temple
Awaji Island Seven Lucky Gods Sacred Site. Here is the temple of Bishamonten - God of Treasure & Warriors. Here you can pray for courage.

Address:343 Jindaisyake, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
28. Awaji Island Monkey Center
At Yaenkoen we have 300 Japanese monkeys which used to live in Kashiwabara Mountains. These gentle monkeys are very rare and cannot be seen in autumn as we move towards the inner mountains.

Address:289 Hatadagumi, Sumoto, Hyogo
29. Minami Awaji Hot-spring Village Sanyu-kan
There are three hot springs in Minami Awaji. Minami Awaji is great choice for one-day spa.

Address:2332 Jindaisyake, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
30. Manpukuji Temple
Awaji Island Seven Lucky Gods Sacred Site. At this temple you can pray for happiness and good luck. God Ebisu is enshrined in this temple. Ebisu is the god of fishermen and luck.

Address:87-1 Kashukajiya, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
Phone: 0799-54-0244
31. Awaji Puppet Theatre
Awaji puppet shows have 500 years of history and is designated as Japan's significant intangible folk cultural asset. Awaji Joururi puppets move dynamically to entertain visitors of all ages.

Address:Jisaki 1528-1 Fukura Port, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
32. Minami Awaji Hot Spring (Yupuru)
Come to relax at Minami Awaji Onsen and enjoy 2 types of hot springs, Shiozaki hot spring and Izutsu hot spring.

Address:1509-1 Kitaamatsutsui, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
33. Youth Square Park
This park is the one and only facility which wishes for lasting peace whilst conveying the souls of young students who died in the Second World War and the disaster of wars to future generations. Also here we have too beautiful a scenery of waters and paddy fields from the observatory.

Address:22-1 Ichizenkouji, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
34. Nushima Island
With its natural shape still unchanged to this very day, the island attracts many visitors as an unspoiled island park. It is also a contender for the status of the actual location of the mythical Onokoro Island - place of birth of Japan.

Address:2400 Nushima, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
35. Awaji Janohire Outdoor Resort
Place for camping, fishing and playing with dolphins.

Address:2660-8 Amashioya-machi, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
36. Roadside Station Fukura
There are a lot of restaurants, shops and even Japanese Puppet Theatre at Roadside Station. You can not only enjoy shopping of Awaji popular food, but also take a ride to whirling tides or relax in foot hot spring.

Address:1528-1 Fukura-Ko, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
37. Michi no Eki Uzushio
5 minutes from Awaji Island South IC of Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway. Overlooking the Naruto Channel, there's a restaurant with a great view of dynamic whirlpools and grand O‐Naruto Bridge and original specialty goods shop.

Address:947-22 Fukurahei, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
38. Uzu no Oka, the Great Naruto Bridge Memorial Museum and the Whirlpool Science Center
Entertainment facility where one can experience the mystery and excitement of whirlpools.With 3D imagery, you can enjoy whirlpools closeup with cameras located at the O-Naruto Bridge. Also, we have restaurant overlooking the Naruto Channel and original goods shop.

Address:936-3 Fukurahei, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
39. (Awajishima Burger)
Awajishima Onion Kitchen Izunooka shop
Awaji Island burger which won top prize in the 2013 Japan-wide Local Burger Grand Prix. Here we have Uzunooka limited edition products.

Address:Uzunooka-Narutokyou-Kinenkan, 936-3 Fukurahei
Working hours:9:00~16:30
40. Maruyama Sea Fishing Park(Sea View Square)
It is a very popular place inside Maruyama Fishing Port for fishing and enjoying beautiful sea. Don't miss a chance to spend wonderful time at this place.

Address:1507-2 Anaga, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
41. Gokokuji Temple
Awaji Island Seven Lucky Gods Sacred Site. Temple for harmony and family peace. Hotei, God of harmony is worshiped at this temple.

Address:732 Kasyuyahata, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
42. Footbath Uzu no Yu
At Minami Awaji Fukura Port (Uzushio Dome Nanairokan) you can find Uzu no Yu footbath and hot spring where you can refresh your tired traveling feet.
43. Awaji Island Bokujo Ranch
Visitors have lots to enjoy in this experience ranch. Awaji Beef BBQ, milk beef curry, fresh milk (all-you-can-drink) and milk produce as well as soft cream amidst the greens and fresh air!

Address:1 Yagiyogikami, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
44. Minami Awaji Hot Spring (Yutorikku)
Uzushio Hotspring. Facilitated with pool and gym.

Address:77 Minato, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
HP: http://ゆとりっく.com/
45. Keino Matsubara
Designanted as national scenic beauty. White sand beach stretching 2.5 kilometers surrounded by tens of thousands of pine trees designated as "Japan's Top 100 Beaches". Also known for its sunset beauty. Promenade is arranged with smoked roofing tile, a local specialty.

Address:970 Matsuhokotsuro, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
46. Awaji Kawara
Awaji Kawara (Japanese Style Roof Tiles) experience. Yautomi Japanese Style Clay Roof Tiles. Visit an authentic factory that makes kawara, a type of traditional Japanese craftwork.

Address:105-2 Matsuhowakida, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
47. Onokorojima Shrine
Traditionally known as the Onokoro Island of land birth myth in Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), this shrine enshrines the two Gods of Izanagi and Izanami. One of Japan's largest shine gate stands here at 21.7 meters high.

Address:415 Enamishimohada, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
48. Awaji Farm Park England Hill
Nature-oriented theme park located in the center of Awaji Island. The spacious site is divided into two parts, the Green Hill area where you can see rare southern koalas and the England area with lake district. Visitors can try some of many crafty classes (bread baking, butter making, gel candle making, etc.) and vegetables gardening, enjoy animal watching and horseback riding, or taste local homemade specialties and homemade products.

Address:1401 Yagiyogikami, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
49. Minacoicoiya
Fresh vegetables, meet, friuts and various souvenirs can be find here!

Address:1408 Yagiyogikami, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
50. Minami Awaji Hot Spring Sunrise Awaji
Sunrise Hot Spring. This Hot Spring Center is facilitated with accommodation, gymnasium and tennis court.

Address:1466-1 Hirotahirota, Minamiawaji-shi Hyougo
51. Chorinji Temple
Awaji Island Seven Lucky Gods Sacred Site. This is the temple to pray for success and fulfillment of aspirations. Fukurokuju, God of Aspirations is enshrined in Chorinji Temple.

Address:975 Goshikicho, Tsushimannzai, Sumoto, Hyogo
52. Wellness Park Goshiki and Goshiki Hot Springs
Hands-on comprehensive park with wellness as its theme. Multiple facilities including public hotel, restaurant, auto-camping, log house, indoor and outdoor tennis court, experience studio exist. You can also enjoy weekly medicinal and incense bath at Goshiki Onsen "You You Five"!

Address:1087 Goshikicho, Tsushi, Sumoto, Hyogo
53. Chizenji Temple
Awaji Island Seven Lucky Gods Sacred Site. Temple where you can pray to become good wife and wise mother. Benzaiten, God of wisdom is enshrined at Chizennji Temple.

Address:436 Kusaka, Awaji, Hyogo
54. Pref. Awaji Kaori-no Koen Park
Fragrance center, where you can enjoy western-style herbal garden, Fragrance promenade, cherry blossom, plum garden and other.

Address:530-1 Taga, Awaji, Hyogo
55. Baikundo
Founded in 1850, Baikundo produces incense and incense sticks of Awaji flavor based in Awaji Island. You can experience as well as watch incense making.

Address:2853-1 Ei, Awaji, Hyogo
56. Awaji Wagyutei
First grill on Awaji Island was open in 1920 by a local butcher shop. At Awaji Wagyutei you can eat high quality Awaji beef at a reasonable price. Awaji beef is the origin of the world-famous Kobe beef.

Address:245-1 Gunge, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:〔weekdays〕17:00~22:00〔Sat, Sun〕 11:00~14:00
57. Kunjudo
It's free! You can observe the beginning to end of incense stick production process at the incense stick factory with over 100 years of tradition, located at the town of No.1 incense sticks production volume in Japan (reservation a must). For those of you who wish, you can experience incense making.

Address:1255-1 Taga, Awaji, Hyogo
58. Izanagi Shrine
One of the main shrines of Japan. Known through Nihon-shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan) as the oldest shrine, the ghost of Gread God Izanagi (Kakurinomiya). Inside there's a 900 years old sacred tree "Couple Okusu", prefectural natural treasure.

Address:740 Taga, Awaji, Hyogo
59. Parchez Kaori no Yakata and Kaori no Yu
Themepark of flavors where visitors can enjoy play, food, bath and hotel with flavor as their themes. Incense sticks, gel candles, original colon, herb soap, wreath making, flower picking...there's plenty to do! we also have restaurant and shops providing herbal cooking, greenhouse, herb plantation etc. to enjoy a whole day regardless of the season. What's more, there's big bath with a sunset view and outdoor herbal bath.

Address:3025-1 Osaki, Awaji, Hyogo
60. Awa
Nice café in old traditional Japanese house that was built 100 years ago. You can enjoy local delicious food and have parties with friends.

Address:597 Tajiri, Ikuta, Awaji, Hyogo
Holiday:Opened only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Working hours:11:30〜17:00
61. Soba Café Ikutamura
In Ikutamura, renovated an unused nursery and opened a "Soba Café Ikutamura" since 2011. Enjoy the fresh soba here.

Address:152 Ikutahata, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:11:00~15:00(reservation on weekdays)Phone:0799-70-1478
62. Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park
Displays "Nationally Designated Natural Monument Nojima Fault" and collapse-resistant houses despite on the side of the fault. There's also an earthquake disaster experience museum where you can experience intensity 7 of the Hyogo‐ken Nanbu Earthquake, and visitors can learn about the earthquake disaster, fault etc. from different angles. we also have restaurant and souvenir hall.

Address:177 Ogura, Awaji, Hyogo
63. Awaji Hanasajiki
With Akashi Kaikyo Osaka Bay at the back, 15ha of flower farm displays a major panorama view. Seasonal flowers take you to a dream world.

Address:2865-4 Kusumoto, Awaji, Hyogo
64. Nojima Scuola
Renovated unused Nojima Elementary School and renovated into a marche to purchase local ingredients of Awaji Island as well as a café and restaurant using fresh local Awaji ingredients! Nojima Scuola is a fascinating spot to fully enjoy the fruits of the island.

Address:841-5 Nojima, Hikinoura, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:10:30~21:00
65. Miele Caffe Restaurant
Sister shop of Nojima Scuola - a famous Awaji Island spot born of a renovated school
At the open deck with a perfect view of ocean, original dishes combining fresh local ingredients and honey are provided as you enjoy the apeals of Awaji Island!

Address:785-9 Nojima, Hikinoura, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:10:30~19:00
66. Awaji Craft Circus
Restaurant and handmade shops near the seaside.

Address:2-2 Hirabayashi, Nojima, Awaji, Hyogo
67. View Matsuho no Sato
Encompasses delux facilities such as open-air bath with a great view overlooking the world's best Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Also has restaurant, Japanese room and gift shop.

Address:3570-77 Iwaya, Awaji, Hyogo
68. Hello Kitty Smile
Innovative Oriental Restaurant that delivers smile to people around the world. At restaurants and theaters, we can enjoy Hello Kitty's dream world which is being loved all over the world.

Address:985-1 Nojima Hikinoura, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:11:00~20:00
69. Nijigen no Mori
Nijigen no Mori located in Awaji Island Pref. Park, is a theme park where you can enjoy attraction with Japanese famous animated cartoons.

Address:2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji-shi, Hyogo
Working hours:Weekday 12:00~22:00, Weekend & Holiday 10:00~22:00
70. Ocean Terrace
Ocean Terrace is Japan’s first “self-roast style” steak restaurant which uses lava rock grill. You can enjoy Awaji Island food in luxurious style.

Address:816 Nojima Hikinoura, Awaji, Hyogo
Working hours:<3F> 11:30~15:00 ( L.O.14:00 )、17:00~21:00 ( L.O.20:00 ) <2F> 10:30 ~ L.O.18:00


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