General Information
  • ・A long island located in Seto Inland Sea, south of Hyogo Prefecture.
  • ・The largest island in Seto Inland Sea and 11th largest island in Japan. 
  • ・Blessed with warm climate of Seto Inland Sea in all seasons and long daylight hours leading to development of various agriculture.
  • ・Composed of Awaji City, Sumoto City and Minami Awaji City and has a population of about 150,000 people.
  • ・Railway existed in the past but has since been closed, and thus cars are now the main means of transportation.
  • ・Considered to be the Island of Japan’s Origin according to Kojiki (A Record of Ancient Matters) and Chronicles of Japan and has multiple myths and shrines.
  • ・Possesses plenty of tourism spots including well-known hot springs.
  • ・Called as 'park island' for its nature and flowers.
  • ・Island with 'whirling wave', one of the largest current in the world, which is created by the collision of Pacific Ocean and current running from Seto Inland Sea.
  • ・Mecca for fishing and cycling.
  • ・Closely tied with the Imperial Family since long ago, and known as "Miketsukuni" which presented the Imperial Court with numerous ingredients.
  • ・Rich repository of ingredients from livestock to vegetable/seafood/rice.
  • ・Produces sweet and delicious onion of highest quality.
  • ・Where "Raw Whitebait Ricebowl" using white and top-quality whitebait is absolutely delicious!
  • ・Reputable for Awaji Beef of A4 Rank and above, five kinds of onion cooking which are tomato onion sauce, onion, cutlet, fried onion, onion pickles and onion slice as well as "Awaji Island Burger" which uses Awaji-grown lettuce.


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