"Gods Among Us", a special show performed by Awaji Art Circus 2021 will be performed at the theatre Naminoritei (Awaji Island) from October 16 (Sat) to October 24 (Sun). You can view HERE for more details.

Coming to Awaji Island this October,
witness an amazing collaboration of street artists from all over Japan!

Awaji Art Circus proudly presents Gods Among Us,
a new and original retelling of stories from the Japanese folk chronicle,
the Kojiki. Experience the powerful tales and dramas of Amaterasu,
Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi in this special performance.

We hope you'll be captivated by this expressive interpretation
of Japan's most beloved characters in folklore!

Featuring world-class performing artists,
Gods Among Us showcases breathtaking acrobatic arts, freestyle movements,
breakdancing, double dutch, rhythmic gymnastics, and more;
delivering beauty, excitement, humor, and power,
but most of all, the energy and joy of street circus.

We welcome you to enjoy this for-the-first-time fusion of
street and theatre, tradition and modernity.


Awaji Art Circus. All Rights Reserved.