Coming to Awaji Island this October,
witness an amazing collaboration of street artists
from all over Japan!

Awaji Art Circus proudly presents Gods Among Us,
a new and original retelling of stories from the Japanese folk chronicle, the Kojiki.

Experience the powerful tales and dramas of Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi in this special performance.
We hope you'll be captivated by this expressive interpretation of Japan's most beloved characters in folklore!

Featuring world-class performing artists, Gods Among Us showcases breathtaking
acrobatic arts, freestyle movements, breakdancing, double dutch, rhythmic gymnastics, and more;
delivering beauty, excitement, humor, and power, but most of all, the energy and joy of street circus.

We welcome you to enjoy this for-the-first-time fusion of street and theatre, tradition and modernity.

Oct 16 (Sat) - Oct 24 (Sun), 2021
※The show will be closed on Oct 21 (Thu).
14:00 Showtime (venue opens from 13:30)
Seikaiha (Naminoritei Theatre)
General : 2000 JPY (tax inclusive)
Student : 500 JPY (tax inclusive)
Elementary and under : Free
Ticket Reservations
Seikaiha Tel 0799-70-9020
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Online Reservation
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Access Information
Address: Hyogo-ken, Awaji-shi, Nojimaokawa 70

By car: 10-minute drive from Awaji IC (Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway)

By train: From JR Akashi Station transfer to the Awaji Jenova Line (15-minute ferry to Iwaya Port), then take the free shuttle bus from Iwaya Port (20 minutes)

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Tel 0799-70-9020
Business hours: 11:00 - 21:00 *closed Thursday



Hand-balancing, Gymnastics

Herosan is a world-renowned Japanese street performer, with 25 years of acrobatic, breakdancing, and gymnastic experience spanning 85 countries. Known for performing seemingly impossible tricks in a style that cleverly combines both beauty and humor; Herosan keeps audiences captivated with feats of strength, otherworldly acrobalance, and a stunning chopsticks juggling act. Every one of his performances is a surprise, full of spontaneous viewer interaction and engagement.

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Pantomime, Juggling, Magic

Falcon was first inspired by the professional artists he witnessed during childhood, and by the age of four had become deeply interested in both magic and pantomime.
At the young age of 7, he made his performance debut as part of his dream to make other people smile. Soon after, he learned how to juggle and perform pantomime techniques, making his way toward a goal of becoming one of the world's active professional artists.
Recently, Falcon has worked on accumulating experience and expanding his artistic range with new stage acts including tapping and dancing, and has made several appearances in theme parks and on TV, starring in the movie ""Seaside Movie Theater -Kinema no Tamatebako-"" (directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi). "

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Meguro Kojiro

Hand-balancing, Gymnastics

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1996, Kojiro enrolled at Sawairi International Circus School at the age of 18, and engaged in physical training for four years until graduation. Since then, he has been primarily active as a circus actor based in Kanto, Japan with a performance act that evokes an intimate and personal worldview; created using objects and iron pipes designed by Kojiro himself.
Throughout his career, he has appeared in a variety of creative circus performances produced by Nagame Kurashitsu and the Setouchi Circus Factory, as well as others created by the international contemporary circus exchange project ""Air"". Kojiro won the ""Fukuyama International Street Performance 2021 Grand Prix"" award, and his talents have also been further acknowledged by having attained both the German Special Award and British Special Award."


Tricking, Movement Arts

Born in Tokyo in 2001, Riku first encountered the art of tricking on YouTube during junior high school, from which he began practicing intensively on his own. In 2016, he won the junior tricking championship, a national tournament and event. Growing up as a talented tricker, he became interested in the essence of body movement, art and expression, and finally started working as a professional artist during 2020. His passion is to pursue new forms of body expression and art each day, a desire which he hopes to share with his followers via SNS. He has also appeared in numerous music videos and live events such as ONE OK ROCK and Centimillimental.

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Tomonori Muraoka

Martial Arts, Acrobatics

Hailing from Japan Action Enterprise, Tomonori Muraoka is a performance artist and acrobat coordinator, having worked through numerous mediums such as sumi-e live painting, costume production, and video production.
Muraoka starred in a water show on the world-class luxury liner, the Symphony of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International) in 2018; after eight months of travel around the Mediterranean and Caribbean, he returned to his home. In 2019, Muraoka participated in the Las Vegas-based international circus competition "VIVA FEST", and won 9th place in the Solo Act category. In 2020, he received an offer to appear in a Las Vegas show produced by the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. He has also worked as a coordinator for Johnny's Jr.

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Momoka Kihara

Ballet, Contemporary Dance

Momoka Kihara is a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, first trained at Imamura Ballet Studio.
From 2011 to 2016 she was an active member of the Tokyo-based Star Dancers Ballet Company. Later in 2017, she worked with the Croatian National Theater Split Ballet group as a ballet dancer.
Since returning to Japan, she has worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Tokyo. So far, she has interacted with several well-known choreographers including Shintaro Hirahara, Kota Yamazaki, and others; has performed with many live music groups, and has appeared in short films, finding ways to bring her activities to a variety of fields. Currently, she is a member of the dance group zer◯, organized by Naoya Aoki, and has also begun work on some of her own personal works since 2019.


Pole Acrobatic Dance, New Gymnastics

Meriko is an officially licenced pole dancing artist based in Tokyo. The only officially recognized solo pole dance artist in the Tokyo metropolis, she is also the very first street pole artist to come out of Japan. Throughout her career, she has continually entertained spectators with her dramatic pole act, performed at numerous street festivals in Japan, Europe, and elsewhere.
Meriko's open-air pole dance performances are characterized by a blending of sheer physical strength with sublime artistry. Her movements strive to evoke deep emotions, powerful yet both delicate and mysterious; beautiful and innocent in character while also expressed through the pathos of a fierce woman.

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An expressive sound artist utilizing mechanical, environmental, and human sound sources, SiMA is an active musician and beatboxer known for blending various sounds in creative ways.
Making full use of the "Humanbeatbox" loopers and effectors, he creates and plays music through livelooping techniques. His organically produced electro music always finds a way to invite audiences into a entirely new space.

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Double dutch, Acrobatics

Is there another act that can make an audience so fascinated by the human body? KARAQRI is a Japanese performance group that creatively combines breakdance and acrobatics with a double dutch spin that you won't want to miss!
Since becoming an established group, KARAQRI has traveled abroad, putting smiles on people faces and engaging with audiences of all ages and demographics.


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