1/10/2016 (Sat) - 30/10/2016 (Sun) 13:00-16:00
(Tuesdays and Wednesdays are holidays)
Opening Ceremony:
1/10/2016 at Craft Circus
Closing Ceremony:
30/10/2016 at Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park
12 places on Awaji Island
(Awaji Highway Oasis, Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park, Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Hanasajiki, Roadside Station Higashiura Terminal Park, Nojima Scuola, Miele, Awaji Yumebutai, Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park, Nojima Scuola, Miele, Sumoto Citizens Park, Awaji Farm Park England Hill, Minacoicoiya)
Performing Artists:
14 groups (26 people) from 12 countries will perform various artistic expressions such as Zimbabwe folk dance, contemporary dance, pantomime, acting, Ukrainian folk music, circus performances, contortion show, acrobatics, baroque dance on stilts, Gypsy dance, comedy, etc.
Number of visitors:
50,000 people
Awaji Art Circus Executive Committee
Pasona Group Inc.
Supported by:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourism Organisation, The Japan Foundation, Awaji City, Awaji City Board of Education, Sumoto City, Sumoto City Board of Education, Minami Awaji City, Minami Awaji City Board of Education, Embassy of France, Embassy of Finland, Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of Romania, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, Embassy of Australia, Embassy of Russian Federation, Embassy of Spain, Kobe Shimbun, Sun TV, Radio Kansai, Kiss FM KOBE, Awaji Island Kuniumi Association, Awaji Island Tourist Association
Sumoto Onsen, JA Awajishima/Minakoikoiya, URA Co., Ltd.,(Awaji Highway Oasis), Awaji Farm Park England Hill, Naruto Chidori Honpo Inc., Awaji Shinkin Bank, Hokudan Co., Ltd.,(Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park), Yashimagumi Co., Ltd., Honshi Kaikyou Bus Co., Ltd., Tokiwa Kougyou Co., Ltd., Joyport Minamiawaji Inc., Shozen Co., Ltd., View Tech Co. Ltd., Kunjudo Inc., Sumiyoshiya Co., Ltd., Danyo Shinyo Bank, Primix Corporation, Matoya Gakki, Uzusiho Co., Ltd., Takeharabussan Co., Ltd., Kawabatamiso Co., Ltd., Commercial and Industrial Association of Awaji City (Awaji Island Tasty Goodies Fair), Awaji Janohire Outdoor Resort, Ayuhara Bussan Co., Ltd., Awaji Traditional Entertainment Festival, Gaina Lucky Town Entertainment, Awaji crane Inc., AIE International High School, Nobori Seisakujo co. Ltd., Awaji Bunkamura Kyogikai, Grilled Octopus Shop Yamataka, Mune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Itami Sangyo Co., Ltd., Fuji Yoshida Oil Co., Ltd., Sunada Design Office, Zenta Co., Ltd., Awaji Paper Center Co., Ltd., Kitasaka Chiken Farm, Maruha Bussan Co., Ltd., Wellness Park Goshiki, Yoshida Architectural Design Office, Kuroda Co., Ltd., Ariyoshi Kogei Co., Ltd., Pasona Inc., Bewith, Ltd., Pasona Okayama Co., Ltd., Pasona Career Inc., Pasona Furusato Incubation Inc., Art Ribon Inc., Pasona Agri-partners Inc., Eco Love Inc., Pasona Panasonic Business Service Inc., KIS Inc., Benefit One Inc., Anime Egg Inc., Caplan Corporation, Pasona Lifecare Inc., Pasona Marketing Inc., Pasona Foster Inc., Nihon Employment Creation Organization Inc., Pasona Logicom. Inc.

Participation in local events/Interaction with regional residents

In 2016, Awaji Art Circus artists not only performed at multiple venues throughout Awaji Island but also performed in events hosted by local organizations and commercial entities. Such events became a place for global artists and people of Awaji Island to meet and paved the way for arts and culture exchange. Many visitors stopped to watch rarely-seen international artists who became the center of attention on Awaji Island. These encounters at events gave birth to long-lasting relations as well as deep and warm friendships.

With the participation of Awaji Art Circus artists, local events became livelier. Such activities lead to cultural development of Awaji Island and become the initiator for regional internationalization.

In 2016, participation in local events started with Awaji Traditional Entertainment Festival. Artists worshiped at Izanagi Jingu on Awaji Island which is considered to be the Origin of Japan, and the festival began with a dedicatory performance. On a sacred place as Awaji Island, all activities start with greeting God!

Then came participation in events such as "Flower Soba Festival", "Roadside Station Festival", "Sumoto Arukanka", "Autumn Blue Sky Market", "Ningyaka FUKURAndo", "Gaina Lucky Town Entertainment", and "Awaji Island Tasty Goodies Fair" as artists presented dance, circus, singing, stilts performance and samba performance.

Delivery performance at elementary schools/International exchange with elementary school students

Another major attempt in 2016 was delivery performance at elementary schools/kindergartens/nurseries.

We delivered rarely-seen performances by international artists and created opportunities for children to experience English as well as different cultures. Watching high level global performances, children are certain to have widened their views and grow into individuals who can interact globally. Elementary school students welcomed artists with big applause, laughed joyously during performances and were surprised at unique skills, took photos with artists after performances and ate lunch together. Artists not only performed but also spoke about their native cultures and customs, and the children increased their knowledge of the world.

Awaji City Ura Elementary School, Awaji City Ikuha Elementary School, Awaji City Ikuho Elementary School, Awaji City Ishiya Elementary School, Sumoto Kindergarten, Sumoto City Ono Kindergarten, Sumoto Second Elementary School, Sumoto City Ono Elementary School, Sumoto City Torikai Elementary School, Minami Awaji City Sumoto City Association Hirota Elementary School, Minami Awaji City Ama Elementary School, AIE International High School
12 performances
around 2,400 children

Artists experience Japanese culture/ Information exposure through artists

Participating artists not only performed but also learned about Japan and Awaji Island, as they became "messenger" sharing information with the world and "bridge" between Japan and their home country. Artists experienced the appeals of nature, culture and regional resources all over Awaji Island.

Through experiences such as Awa dance, Japanese traditional dance, Washi-making, tea ceremony, Soba-making, Awaji puppets, Naruto whirlpool, Koto, and party horn, their knowledge of Japan deepened and Japan certainly became closer for them. Back in their home countries, artists continue to work as messenger of Japan/Awaji Island and contribute to regional PR. They held lectures and workshops to speak about their experiences in Japan and share their knowledge.

Thanks to Awaji Art Circus, some became more interested in Japan and began taking classes on Japanese language and Japanese culture in their home countries. We can expect increasing awareness of Japan and Awaji Island which in turn increase overseas tourists as a result of information exposure through the artists.

Artist-in-Residence Program

26 artists invited in 2016 lived together in the same accommodation. They differed in their genre, experience, knowledge and background of art but stimulated and influenced each other.
Thanks to such diverse environment, artists interacted deeply and exchanged experiences resulting in the birth of various collaborations. As can be seen, a local place in Japan became the base for global culture.

Participating artists not only exchanged experiences with each other but also interacted deeply with Japanese artists.
Artists in 2016 engaged in workshops with Kotan, a Wadaiko (Japanese drums) group based on Awaji Island, and through collaboration created a new stage performance. Wadaiko x samba, Wadaiko x Ukrainian folk song, Wadaiko x belly dance, Wadaiko x contemporary dance. Various collaborations born of interaction by global and domestic artists widened mutual expressions.
And at the closing event, joint performance by all global artists and Wadaiko group impressed viewers with their magnificent expressions. Most worthy of notice was the finale song. Barbarossa Samba Group from Romania created a new song with lyrics born of their experience on Awaji Island. Parts for Wadaiko and dance were also written to match the song, and together with Ukrainian vocal group became the best performance by all artists.



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