Nov. 2 (Mon) - Nov. 28 (Sat), 2015, 1pm-4pm *except Wednesday
Opening ceremony
Nov. 1 (Sun) at Nojima Scuola
Closing ceremony
Nov. 30 (Sun) at Nojima Gym
11 locations in Awaji City (Awaji Highway Oasis, Iwaya Square, Awaji Yumebutai, Prefectual Awaji Island Park, Phoenix Park, Sunshine Hall, Shizuka Hall, Nojima Scuola, Miele, Manabi- no-sato, Awaji Hanasajiki)
Pasona Group Inc.
Awaji City, Awaji Island Kuniumi Association, Awaji Island Tourist Association, Hyogo Prefectual Government
17 artists (consisting of 24 people) from 11 countries
10,000 people

Activities of Awaji Art Circus

1. Performance

Artists presented their original performance at various locations within Awaji City, utilizing characteristics of each venue. Performance delivered by representatives of countries around the world rejuvenated the people of Awaji Island as well as the island itself. In addition, such opportunities led to cultural development and internationalization of the region.

2. Research and experience of regional resources

Artists studied abundant nature, culture, history and resources of Awaji Island and deepened their understanding of Japan through experiences such as calligraphy, team ceremony and Wadaiko (Japanese drums). Such knowledge and experience became essential for the creation of their new performance.

3. Artist-in-Residence

Artists learned new expressions as they interacted with each other and participated in study groups for each performance genre. They also participated in workshops by Kotan, a Wadiko group based on Awaji Island, and created joint performance utilizing knowledge they gained about Awaji Island. Closing event was a place to showcase collaborative performance born throughout the festival.



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