This year we received 404 applications (692 people) from 86 countries. And 12 groups (22 people) from 12 countries, who was selected to participate in Awaji Art Circus 2019, brought their power and art to Awaji Island!


Duo x Caso

Circus and Theatre

Italy & Austria

Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

 Duo x Caso is build up by a mix of different arts. They put together circus, theatre, puppets and music to give to our audience a complete show with a lot of details.
 As if coming from a traditional circus, two curious characters opened the door to their poetic world which quickly brought the audience to participate in their story. Laughing, playing and some disagreements helped the viewers to live their emotions through acrobatics and the magic of clown.

Miss C Balloonologist

Clown, Balloon Show


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Miss C is a comedy street performer who travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to share with Awaji audience a fantastic and fun show suitable for families of all ages. She surprised the audience with sword swallowing with a balloon and balloon contortion? Miss C showed crazy, silly and whacky stunts with balloons, in a crazy combination of clowning, mime, magic, slapstick and circus stunts!

Michelle Musser

Clown, Mime, Taxi Horns Performance


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Like a character out of a children's book, everyone fell in love with the mischievous Michelle. Michelle embraced the audience with silliness and brought into a cartoon world. In her show, audience members got to participate in their seats as well as came onto the stage. The audience found themselves as a part of the hat tossing, magical cooking, hula hooping on their nose and watched her play some of the best classical music on the world most dummest instrument. 

Trio Banquine

Contemporary Circus, Acrobatics, Diabolo


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Trio Banquine members are three multidisciplinary artists from Montreal. Their performance talks about friendship, trust, love, joy, sadness and laughter This show inspired the audience with its juggling and its different kinds of acrobatics. This dynamic and impressive performance gave everyone a taste of the ''Québecois'' circus.


Juggling, Comedy, Tap Dancing


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Is she a juggler? Is she a tap dancer? Is she an actress?
A jack of all trades, master of none?
She really wants to be an artist but she doesn't know which kind. That's why she starts to mix every skill she has and the result is a powerful concentration of joyful energy. The audience joined her on an inspiring journey of discovery, turning chaos into order with every siteswap, step and shuffle!

Californian Dreamers

Adagio (Acrobatics), Juggling, Rhythmic Gymnastics

USA, Ukraine

Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

The audience joined Aaron from California and Anastasiia from Ukraine to enjoy a new style of entertainment that combines juggling, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, theatre, dance, and more in a unique way. It's more than tricks to impress you. It is a show to entertain and inspire you to dream.

Afiki Arts

Traditional African Dances


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Afiki Arts members artistically born on the same dance floor, use dance to tell true stories of Africa. Their movement, steps and facial expressions on stage are a reflection of what Africa entails. Dancing with bright African smiles, Afiki Arts brought joy to the audience and sent messages of Hope…

Kirill Fire

Freestyle Basketball Performance


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Kirill amazed the audience with utterly unexpected skills using basketballs - spinning and handling of 2 and more balls and also showed the secrets how to do it by yourself! Great mix of freestyle basketball tricks and dance made everyone want to move together!

Company Si Seulement

Hand Balance, Juggling, Hula Hoop, Acrobatics, Contotion

Switzerland, France, Spain

Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

Emi, Hugo and Maria are friends. They come from different countries, Switzerland, France and Spain. They have one thing in common: Circus. They speak with their bodies and their techniques: hula-hoop, hand to hand, handstands, juggling and contortion. A unique experience based on circus, trust and humanity that they shared with the audience. “It’s always tea time somewhere”.

Cheese on Fire

Acrobatics, Comedy, Juggling, Magic


Photo by Anna Gorchanuk

They met each other 8 years ago in south of France. Those good friends traveled around the world to learn, to share, and to show their talent. They came to Awaji, ready with their new show, with more acrobatics, more magic and last but not least, more craziness, to share their universe with anyone who wanted to have fun. And it was crazy!


Martial Arts, Traditional South Indian Dance


Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

The diverse culture, religion and traditions of the Asian countries are reflected not only in our lifestyles but also in our art forms. Each country in Asia has several indigenous and ethnic groups within its own country. These groups have their own unique identities and traditions, which are also visible in our art forms. Mythical stories, tribal religious rituals, and everyday event that signify and inspire all Asian art forms... In this concept of UNITY in DIVERSITY, VIVIDHA showed how 2 different martial art and dance forms coyuld get along with each other.

Dima Bakhtin



Photo by Yulia Skogoreva

With 11 years of experience, Dima from Ukraine brought the performance of juggling fusion with acrobatics in contemporary style. In this act, every ball is associated with life barriers and problems that appear before us as we live our lives. Dima showed the story of one character who lives with these obstacles and tries to fight them.


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