Public Audition 2020

In 2020, we took an opportunity to try something new! Instead of hosting our usual AAC festival, we hosted an online public audition event. This event showcased the 26 applicants (out of 516) who passed the first screening phase for Awaji Art Circus 2020. We were actually really surprised by the immense support we received!

We called upon our audience to help us in our selection process by voting for their favorite artists. The winners of the audition were then guaranteed a spot in the final screening for Awaji Art Circus 2021. It was an incredibly fun learning experience for us as we found new ways to get engaged with our viewers and fans.

The 26 contestants featured in the audition were divided into 6 categories: Circus Groups, Acrobatic Duos, Circus Duos, Circus Solos, Music, and Dance. We asked our viewers to vote for one favorite in each category.

November 2 (Mon) – 16 (Mon), 2020
26 groups (57 people) from 20 countries
After watching performance videos posted on our homepage, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms, viewers could vote for their favorite artists via online form.


The winners of the 2020 public audition were chosen by an astonishing 6000 voters! The top artists chosen from each category were as follows:

Circus Group2
Cie ZeC - Zenzero e Cannella

Hand-to-hand Acrobatics, Juggling and Music

Italy, Argentina

Between Colombo, Susana and Pollo, the energy lives and breathes! These three characters always manage to create an irresistible show mirroring acrobatics, juggling, handstands, clown performance and live music, all topped off with a contagious spirit and humor. Skillfully balancing poetry, fantasy, and the bizarre, this unusual trio combines multiple disciplines throughout each scenario with flying spheres that follow each other mesmerizingly, plus the building of a relationship carried by creativity and imagination.

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Acrobatic Duo10
Duo Des Articulés

Contortion, Acrobatics


Formed by Marine Buridant and Nestor in 2018, The Duo Des Articulés combines handstands and incredible flexibility to deliver an absolutely sensual and poetic performance with a french touch. The performance begins with a sweet reunion, broken by a forced distance, each figure marking the occasion for a new encounter, a perspective…and finishes with a final embrace.

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Marine Buridant

Circus Duo16
Daniel Ka


Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Question reality as Spanish illusionist Daniel Ka redefines the way your senses perceive. After having won several awards in Europe, Ka has toured in over 40 different countries around the world. His love for Japan inspired him to create 現実は夢, Reality is Just An Illusion, a high-impact magic performance incorporating his electic background in drama, music and dance. You'll have to see it to believe it…

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Circus Solo17
Simone Riccio

Contemporary Circus with German Wheel


Simone Riccio has built and maintained his long and experienced career in contemporary circus and physical theatre since 1998. Involved in the arts since childhood, he previously worked as photographer and as director of photography, graduating from NUCT in Rome. After a successful movie career, he chose to “run away with the circus” to pursue a new lifestyle. Simone has appeared in world-famous theatre and circus companies, performing his own shows and working alongside other renowned performers. His show UP! earned him the title of Artist of the Year at Strabilandia in 2015.

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Renniw Brass Band

Music Show


Now presenting Renniw Brass Band from Puebla to share their music, culture, and Mexican flare with you! Brilliant performers of brass and percussion instruments, their dancing will definitely raise your spirits and get you MEXICANIZING. Simply sensational fun from the heart of Mexico to your country. ¡Viva México!

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Kolarova Dance

Contemporary Dance


Choreographer Eva Kolarova, hailing from the Czech Republic and currently based in Canada, has travelled the world through her own work based on a passion for movement. She has danced as a member of numerous international companies; and in 2015 she founded her own project company, Kolarova Danse, in Montreal. Eva has received several awards for her skillful choreography and interpretative dance, and is responsible for the creation of works which have appeared in international festivals across the globe.

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